Client Rentals

wood card box

clear card box

Table number and menu stands

white cake/sweets stand

Wooden stands

Decorative ladder for sweets/favors

Rentals are now available for Details and Lace clients.

Our clients have expressed interest in rentals and we listened! We hope these rentals will make the logistics of your wedding day a little easier. Charlottesville is often a destination wedding for so many of our clients, we are happy to help eliminate some of your packing!


Gold decorative lanterns


10 x 12 gold frames

8 x 10 gold frames

gold stands for frames/signs

20 x 24 gold frame for welcome sign

10 x 10 white tent

bathroom baskets

Easels for
wedding signs

This rustic styled card box keeps your cards and well wishes safe with an adorable lock and key. 

Your Details and Lace planner will make sure the contents of your card box and gifts are safely provided to your designated point of contact before the end of your event.


Wood Card Box

This gorgeous card box matches almost every color scheme. It's dainty and pretty and will compliment your card and gift table. 

Your Details and Lace planner will make sure the contents of your card box and gifts are safely provided to your designated point of contact before the end of your event. 


Clear Card Box

These dessert stands will add height and variety to your dessert bar. There are two of the tall and two of the shorter stands providing ample space for your sweets. We also have platters available to provide additional room for those guests with a sweet tooth. 


Wooden Dessert Stand

This white glass cake stand will beautifully display a one or two-tier cutting cake and has also supported a three-tier wedding cake. 

Also wonderful for displaying cupcakes or other sweets for your dessert table. 

We have up to four of these for rent as needed.


White Cake/Sweets Stand

Description coming soon. 


Item coming soon

***Picture coming soon***

This six level dessert ladder will effortlessly and beautifully display your sweets, favors, or other items that you want to show off during your cocktail hour or reception.   

$15 (personalization extra)

decorative ladder for sweets/favors

These decorative lanterns add a touch of charm and light to your ceremony or reception. Great for cocktail tables, lining an aisle, or decorating a mantle.

There are so many ways you can use these decorative lanterns during your special day. 
*Sixteen available
*led candles only (non suitable for burning candles)

$3 each

Gold decorative lanterns

This beautiful collection of gold toned votives will add the extra romantic touch for your wedding day. A collection of gold and rose-gold votives are available for your use. We approximately 50 in inventory and we're adding to this collection every couple of months. 

Votives may be rented for a $1 each.



These 10 x 12 gold frames eloquently draw your guests attention to your card and gift table as well as your guest book table. 

Signs can be changed to match your theme, design and personal preference. 
Two available


10x12 gold frames

These 8 x 10 frames have earned their keep! 

These are available to display your signature cocktail or any additional message that you would like to convey to your guests. 

We also use these signs to direct traffic during your wedding from the bars during times of transition. 

$3 each

8x10 Gold frames

These gold stands come with and support the 10x12 frames but can also be used for other items you may wish to display that need the extra support.


gold stands for frames/signs

This 20 x 24 gold frame adds elegance and structure to your wedding signage. 

Many of our Charlottesville venues are windy and this frames adds additional support to a heavy card stock or foam board sign. 
**Matting can be removed


20x24 gold frame for welcome sign

Most outdoor string musicians require cover during outdoor ceremonies and events. 

This 10x10 provides the needed coverage for your artists without being distracting from your ceremony decor and ambience.  


10x10 white tent

Save your guests from those uncomfortable moments on your wedding day. These baskets include lotion, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Tums, Pepto Bismol, feminine products, and Shout wipes to name a few. 
It's our experience that these little touches go a long way with your guest experience

$10 each

Bathroom "Baskets"

Our easels come in handy at almost every wedding. They are beautifully made with twisted metal scroll work. The arms can be moved based on the size and orientation of your sign. 
We have three available for your welcome sign, seating chart, etc. 


Decorative Easels

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

~ The Details and Lace Team ~

thank you!

We can’t wait to speak with you and discuss your initial vision for your wedding day. It all starts with a complimentary phone consultation. 

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