“What does a Wedding Planner do?”


May 25, 2023

A question I’m often asked during consultation calls is “What does a Wedding Planner do?” Some of our clients come to us as a requirement from their wedding venue. Forced into a relationship is never the best way to begin.  Haha

It isn’t always easy to describe the varied facets of being a wedding planner. We fill so many roles. Some of which are: project manager, calendar keeper, meeting scheduler, designer, time weaver, emotional support person, family drama mitigator, wedding BFF, counselor and the list goes on and on.

So, what does a wedding planner do and what is the client paying for?

Here are few ways we serve our clients: (Some services below depend on the level of wedding planning package chosen **)

  • More than twenty-five years of executive support, event and project management experience. This means that we have the experience to pivot to Plan B with ease and little to no disruption to your day.
  • Hundreds of relationships with industry professionals to ensure you have the best team for your wedding day. These relationships are invaluable to you as the client and creates a harmony within your wedding team.
  • A trusted professional dedicated to you and your wishes for the day. We do not “partner” with any vendors. This means you are always our priority.
  • A knowledgeable resource (not legal counsel) to review contracts and provide input.
  • An independent voice when family members try to “help.”
  • Creation of timeline for the day to ensure all wedding vendors are working together as a well-choreographed team.
  • Attend meetings with venues, florists, caterers, rentals, musicians, photographers, videographers, etc.
  • Contribute to your wedding website to help guests plan their trip for your wedding weekend with community activities during their free time in Charlottesville.
  • Recommend vendors based on your target budget.
  • Organize your wedding rehearsal and ensure all parties are comfortable for the following day.
  • Oversee every moment of the wedding day and serve as the point of contact for all vendor and guests’ questions.
  • Work with the venue and caterer to develop your floor plan for the day.
  • Coordination of hotel blocks and transportation. **
  • Etiquette guidance and suggestions.
  • Receive, place, and remove all personal décor for the wedding day.
  • Monthly planning meetings to talk through your questions big or small. **

When encouraged to hire a wedding planner, please know that this is more than a venue requirement. Your wedding planner will serve as an advocate and advisor to you and your partner throughout the planning process and, as importantly, your wedding day. 

Happy Planning!